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George Town Festival 2024

Experience the Magic of George Town Festival 2024

From July 19 to July 28, 2024, the historic city of George Town will transform into a bustling hub of creativity and culture during the George Town Festival 2024. This annual event is a celebration of art, music, theater, dance, and local customs, drawing talent from around the globe as well as showcasing local artists. The festival is famed for its vibrant street performances, captivating art installations, and eclectic mix of musical concerts that bring together a diverse audience in celebration of cultural heritage and contemporary innovation.

Throughout the ten-day festival, visitors can explore a variety of exhibitions and performances spread across different venues in the city, including outdoor spaces transformed into lively performance sites. Each year, the festival curates a unique theme that highlights aspects of George Town’s rich cultural mosaic, promoting engagement and understanding through creative expression. With its combination of free and ticketed events, the festival offers something for everyone, from art aficionados to families looking for a cultural outing.

Fri 19 Jul 2024, Full day event


Merdeka Day, celebrated on August 31st annually, marks Malaysia's independence from British colonial rule in 1957. This national holiday is commemorated with great pride and enthusiasm across the country. The highlight is the grand Merdeka Parade in Kuala Lumpur, featuring performances, military demonstrations, and cultural floats representing the diverse fabric of Malaysian society. Citizens and leaders come together to reflect on the nation’s journey and its achievements in building a harmonious, multicultural community.

The festivities extend beyond the parade, with various events such as fireworks, concerts, and community gatherings, underscoring a shared national spirit. Schools and public buildings are adorned with the Jalur Gemilang, Malaysia's flag, creating a display of patriotism and unity. Merdeka Day serves not only as a reminder of Malaysia's historical struggle for freedom but also as an opportunity to foster national identity and pride among its people.

Sat 31 Aug 2024, Full day event

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